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Enterprise Backup Appliances

Each STORServer Backup Appliance is a fully integrated solution that includes industry-leading hardware, intuitive backup software and robust data protection technology. Each solution is built to specifications that not only meet your current data protection demands, but are also scalable to meet your ever-changing backup, archive and disaster recovery (DR) requirements. Blue Net is your Elite STORServer partner serving the US market with local presence in St. Paul, Minnesota, and the South Denver, Colorado areas.

Are Your Data Backups Killing You?

Here are a few of the benefits that STORServer customers enjoy:

Reduced Costs
  • Deploys in 1-3 days (on average)
  • Minutes a day to manage
  • Easy to learn and use
Meets RTO and RPO
  • Data is immediately available
  • Individual user restores
  • Customizable business policies
Provides reliable disaster recovery
  • Automatic DR plan creation
  • Automatic creation of DR copies
  • Bare machine recovery
Meets regulatory and compliance requirements
  • Policy Based Retention
  • Granular-level search and restore
  • Ideal for meeting healthcare, education and governmane compliance
  • Reduced network overhead
  • Automatic tape reclamation
  • Single warranty and support

  • Point-in-time restores
  • No tape retrieval required
  • Minimum deduplication required

  • Tapeless DR available
  • DR testing
  • First response services

  • Automatic file expiration
  • Encryption options

        Effective October 1, 2011: TeleData Consulting, Inc. has merged with our partner company Blue Net, Inc. This change will allow us to provide you more depth and breadth of services, as well as additional staff to serve all of your IT needs and additional product lines. All existing contracts and agreements have been transfered automatically to Blue Net, Inc.

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