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HP StorageWorks SATA has been replaced with SAS Midline (MDL) drives for increased reliability

p4000 SAN
These drives provide higher reliability while continuing to provide value (GB per $) for nearline performance implementations.
Description High capacity, lowest $/GB with economical reliability and performance
Usage or Application
High capacity environments: external storage, backups and archival
Reliability & Workload
Approximately two times Entry drive reliability based on < 40% workload
3.5" 750GB/1TB
RPM 7200

SAS MDL units can be integrated into existing SATA clusters. The following tables will help you determine the new equivilant MDL SKUs.

p4000 SAN P4000 SATA SAN module SKU replacement numbers
SATA Legacy SAS MDL Equivilant
P4300 6TB Expansion Node (8x750GB)
P4300 8TB Expansion Node (8x1TB)
P4500 9TB Expansion Node (12x750GB)
P4500 12TB Expansion Node (12x1TB)


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