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Floppy Boot Disk DOS Network Boot Disk v3.55 (released 02/14/03)
DOS Network Boot Flashdrive Files v4.0
(released 03/24/06)

Description: A TCP/IP Network Boot Disk with built-in support for most popular PCI and CARDBUS adapters. Menu Driven (no editing necessary for most users) choice of DHCP/Static, Domain name, computer name etc. Support for user-supplied network drivers, as well as an unattended answer file.

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Ver 3.55 bd355.exe (1.1 MB) Compliments of Teldata Consulting

Version 4.0 (for USB Flash Drives)(1.0 MB) Compliments of Blue Net, Inc.
Flash drive Format Utility (from HP)(2.0 MB) Compliments of Blue Net, Inc.
Make Floppy v1.1 Floppy Maker v1.1 (this is included in bd355.exe)
flopmake.exe (28 KB) Compliments of Teldata Consulting
floppy Version 3.52
Description:v3.52 image file:   There are several known problems with this version! Megahertz Cardbus support is broken.  ONLY download this beta if you need support for the new 10/100/1000 Copper Ethernet card coming with newer Compaq Servers (Q57 card).  This new version uses QuarterDeck's QEMM memory manager to eek out enough RAM to run the driver for that newer card.
bd352.drj (1.4 MB) Small upstream bandwidth
please be patient!
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